Whānau Ora

A whānau-led journey towards achieving goals and aspirations.

Whānau Ora

Embark on a transformative journey with our empathetic and dedicated Whānau Ora Navigators, who provide personalised guidance and support to individuals and families navigating life's challenges and pursuing their aspirations.

Our passionate team empowers whānau to reclaim their ora (well-being) and unlock their moemoeā (potential) by offering tailored, wrap-around care and a safe, confidential environment to address barriers and hardships.

Whānau Ora welcomes all types of referrals, including self-referrals, and extends a warm invitation to anyone seeking assistance or guidance.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive and be in control of their lives.

With a steadfast commitment to inclusivity, we ensure that no one is turned away, and we strive to help whānau gain the confidence and skills needed to make positive choices and decisions for their future.

While we understand that every whānau faces unique challenges, our team is here to walk alongside you and support you in overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals as best as we can.

The aim of this service is to:

  • Encourage Tino Rangatiratanga so whānau can self-manage, feeling confident that they have the tools in their kete to advocate for themselves and their whānau.
  • Ensure that whānau are utilising their skills and tools to access resources that will support and sustain their wellbeing.
  • Draw on new and existing networks and connections to action collaborative efforts focused on meeting the needs of whānau.
  • Assist Whānau to complete their own Whānau Ora plan.

How the service works

Make contact

You can reach out to us directly for support, or a referral may be received from an agency or a community organisation.

Meet in person

Whakawhanaungatanga - A member of our team meets with you, providing a comfortable space for open conversation and mutual understanding.

Make a plan

Together, we assess your needs and create a tailored plan. Urgent needs are addressed first, ensuring that each plan takes a holistic approach – recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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Takiri mai ra ko te ata i te tonga. Ka whariki mai te manu kua ao kua awatea. He ngākau aroha e kitea i roto inga to pito o te whare, Ngā uri whaka tupu ki te maunga teitei. E rupu mai ana e ngā hua papai, He oranga mō te iwi māori. - Nā te Kuia nā Keupe Stafford Fairest.