Providing compassionate care and support for Kaumātua experiencing any form of mistreatment.

Elderly Mistreatment

Our Kaumātua Navigator is dedicated to working alongside Kaumātua, who are experiencing or at risk of various forms of distress. We ensure immediate safety and offer caring support by connecting Kaumātua with the appropriate services tailored to their unique needs.

Our Kaumātua Navigator focuses on building trust and understanding, fostering an environment where Kaumātua can regain their dignity and well-being.

In collaboration with community resources, healthcare providers, and social services, our navigator strives to create a holistic support network that addresses not only the immediate concerns but also the underlying factors contributing to mistreatment.

We are committed to empowering our treasured kaumātua to live with dignity, respect, and independence, surrounded by a supportive and nurturing community.

This service is for:

All whānau - no matter where you are from.

Anyone with concerns of mistreatment is welcome to reach out and connect with our service. We are here to help.

We can assist with:

  • Advocacy support
  • Improving financial protection
  • Providing help to access legal support
  • Help with understanding rights
  • Support with access to safe housing
  • And more.

Types of Mistreatment:

• Physical






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Takiri mai ra ko te ata i te tonga. Ka whariki mai te manu kua ao kua awatea. He ngākau aroha e kitea i roto inga to pito o te whare, Ngā uri whaka tupu ki te maunga teitei. E rupu mai ana e ngā hua papai, He oranga mō te iwi māori. - Nā te Kuia nā Keupe Stafford Fairest.